Top 10 Questions Asked in the Survey

Know about the top questions that are asked in MyBKExperience survey or feedback form. There are several types of questions which the company can ask in the questionnaire of the Burger King. Some of the questions are very well known to the people and the answer is also obvious to it. These questions are designed in such a way that the company can extract more information about the thinking of the customer.

The user or the person who is carrying out the review process should answer all the questions with true dedication. With this, the company makes changes in the stores as well as the systems. You have to select the language for the process of the survey. It can be in English, Spanish, or in French.

Questions Asked in MyBKExperience Survey

questions regarding burger king survey

There are some sets of questions which will be always there in the form. Also, the person should have a good internet connection so that the survey goes on seamlessly. Some of the questions are present in the upcoming section which the survey process will include in the list of MyBKExperience portal.

  1. How was the quality of the food when you visited the store?
  2. How was the service from the managing staff of the Burger King?
  3. The cleanliness of the floors and the areas nearby was up to the mark or not?
  4. The order which you had placed was properly delivered to you or not?
  5. Were the electricity and lightening properly done at the store or not?
  6. Do the ingredients used to make the product were fresh or not?
  7. Did you get the offers which are going on at the outlet at that current time or not?
  8. Was the staff of the Burger King outlet friendly to you or not?
  9. Does the sitting arrangement properly do while you visited the store?
  10. Was the taste of the product similar to the last time you visited Burger King?

These are some of the questions asked at MyBKExperience which will be always there in the questionnaire of the Burger King. This indicates that the company is very concern about the customers and their needs. So, spare some time and take out the survey process which is an easy task to carry on.